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Is Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking? You Can Fix It!

Waking up to water dripping down the side of your fridge is never fun. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution. Even in brand new expensive fridges with all their touchscreen doors and voice-controlled coolers, the ice maker has not had any big advancements. With cheap plastic that breaks easily and pumps that will die, it is important to purchase and replace the ice maker when yours breaks. Common issues with your whirlpool icemakers include the tray missing the ice bucket when dumping, the plastic cracking and cause a water leak or the water pump in the machine over pump the water causing water to go everywhere. 

We recommend purchasing this Whirlpool 2198597 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly which is much better than paying hundreds on a repairman, and it is a simple repair! Tons of buyers on Amazon agree that this whirlpool ice maker is the best option when yours need replacing. You only need a few household tools to install.

Below is an instructional video to help you out with the installation.

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Stopped Working

Unfortunately, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence among our users that GE refrigerators simply stop making ice one day.  Here are a few simple steps to get you back on track without needing to call a repair person.

  1.  Some GE refrigerators have a “test” button on the control panel or on the icemaker itself which will run a series of tests and “dump” any ice in the icemaker.  Give this a shot and see what happens.
  2. Then, ensure that nothing else has changed since it was making ice.  For instance, no changes to the refrigerator water line, kitchen plumbing, sink, etc..  It is important that the water line has sufficient water pressure for the ice maker.
  3. Next, consider changing the water filter if you haven’t done so in quite some time.  It is common that the filter gets clogged just enough to keep the water filter from receiving enough water pressure to fill the ice tray.
  4. If that doesn’t do it, you might want to simply replace the ice maker with this simple ice maker placement kit.  This seems to solve most of the ice maker issues, can be installed in about 15 minutes and costs about $60. This is much less expensive (and even easier) than having a repair person out to fix it.

Below is a great video demonstrating how easy it is to replace the ice maker.

Here is some feedback from users who have been happy with the ice maker replacement…

“Ice maker quit working after about 5-6 years. I ordered this ice maker and decided to tackle installation myself. I am a 50+years old and not very strong. My old ice maker popped out easily and new one in within 15-20 minutes. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

“My GE fridge stopped making Ice a while ago. I ordered one of these. The old ice maker came off easily.  Once installed I turned it on and it started making ice right away.  I honestly don’t know why I waited this long. Works great in my GE fridge.”

“After I made some adjustment to the water level, the new ice-maker has outperformed, even the original unit. If you need to replace your current ice-maker because it is faulty, try this one if it is one of the replacements for your model.”

Dripping or Leaking Water Dispenser?

ge water valve replacementIf your refrigerator water dispenser recently started leaking or dripping water slowly then you might have an issue with water valve.  Some refrigerators use a dual water valve like the WR57X10032 water valve one for the ice maker and one for the water dispenser.  Therefore it is possible that the water dispenser is working fine but the ice maker is not receiving water or vice versa.

Fortunately, the latest water valves have a very simple installation a new style push on fittings for water outlet line and a screw on compression for the water inlet fitting.  These new valves cost under $40 and can be replaced in a few minutes.

Depending on your refrigerator model, we recommend the WR57X10032 water valve which replaces the older 880070, AH304374, EA304374, PS304374, WR57X10040, WR57X10064.  This is a GE Factory Part but GE brands include General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA as well as various appliance models for Sears / Kenmore.  Simply enter the model of your refrigerator in the search tool at the top of the Amazon page to ensure it is the correct water valve for your model.

A few happy customers…

“Water stopped working on my refrigerator so I replaced the water valve. This fits just right and appears to be good quality. It was challenging to get to the back of the fridge remove the motor cover but the install of the valve was easy. “

“I figured out the old valve was leaking so I found the part I needed on Amazon. I had the part in a day, watched a couple YouTube Videos and had it done in no time – super simple job.  It took longer to roll refrigerator out and take the cover off then it took to replace the valve.”

“Our fridge had issues with weak water dispenser flow for months. I thought it was the freezing water line but we began hearing strange noises when dispensing water and ice maker was filling.  Since it was just $35 we decided to replace the water valve. Luckily, it is a very easy process and it did solve both problems with one stroke.”

Tell us if this worked for you below so we can help each other solve these frustrating refrigerator issues!

Ice Dispenser Door Stuck Open?

Is your ice dispenser door on your GE refrigerator not closing properly?  Sometimes you can simply tap or lift the door to close it but eventually, the door will stick in place and not close at all.  Once the door is stuck open it will create frost on the inside of the freezer and even begin dripping water on the outside.

This is a common issue with GE refrigerators as the solenoid that opens and closes the ice maker dispenser door gets corroded and stuck.  Fortunately, it is only takes about 10 minutes and a $25 part to fix.  there are a number YouTube videos demonstrating how to change the solenoid such as this one.

The solenoid for you’ll want to choose is the GE WR62X10055 Solenoid Assembly below but make sure you confirm your model number at the top of the page.

Let us know below if this works for you in the comments below so we can continue to help other visitors with the same issue!

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Stopped Working?

There is no argument that they don’t make refrigerators like they used to.  The plastic is easily broken and the designs are less than optimal.  Fortunately, between amazon and youtube you’ll find that most homeowners can fix their refrigerator themselves with in under and hour and less than $100.

Ice makers are commonly problematic on GE refrigerators.  The plastic will break, they will overfill with water, underfill, stop filling altogether, stop spinning to drop the ice, spin but not drop the ice or sometimes they’ll just keep making too much ice and not stop!

If your GE refrigerator ice maker quit working or performs less than optimally then you have a few options.  1.  Call a repairman and spend $400-$500 to fix it, 2. buy a new refrigerator, 3. just live without or 4.  FIX IT YOURSELF!

Most ice maker repairs will require a complete ice maker kit replacement  but they are relatively easy to replace.  Some homeowners claim it took less than 15 minutes to replace their icemaker with this GE WR30X10093 ice maker replacement kit.

Here are a few reviews from customers who have used this ice maker kit to replace their GE refrigerator ice maker that stopped working.

“My ice maker stopped working and my handyman said just to replace it (about 5-6 years old). I finally got tired of buying bags of ice and ordered this ice maker…I received the product sooner than stated, read the directions, watched a YouTube video and decided to tackle installation myself… I couldn’t be more pleased and it would have taken about 15 minutes if I weren’t confused by the Stripper Plate step.”

“My GE fridge decided to stop making Ice a while ago…Once everything was installed I turned it on and it started making ice right away. At this point the bin is full of ice and I no longer have to buy bags and fill the thing up. I honestly don’t know why I waited this long. Works great in my GE fridge.”

“I replaced my original icemaker, which wouldn’t stop making ice, with this one, which works just fine. The cubes are a little bit smaller than before, but no big deal. ”

GE Refrigerator ICE Maker Not Working? Fix it Yourself!

It is quite common for the GE refrigerator Ice maker to break or completely quit working. I’ve read reports from hundreds of GE refrigerator owners people with the same issue. Some users complain that plastic parts had broken while others say the icemaker simply quit working and no longer makes ice.

Instead of calling a repairman and spending $500 dollars to repair the ice maker, you can replace the icemaker yourself without much trouble. The GE refrigerator icemaker can be purchased for roughly $100 and installed within 15 minutes. Check out the GE WR30X10093 Replacement Icemaker Kit from amazon. While some users would like to purchase just the broken ice maker parts it is generally recommended that you just replace the entire icemaker.

Take a few minutes to read the reviews of over 200 GE owners like you who have successfully replaced their GE icemaker and give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did it when your icemaker starts making ice and you’ve only spent 1/4 of the cost to have it repaired.

The replacement icemaker is compatible with the following model numbers (and more!)
WR30X10093, AP4345120, 1399596, PS1993870, WR30X10012, WR30x10014, WR30X318, WR29X5144, WR30M149, WR30X0289, WR30X10012, WR30X10014, WR30X10015, WR30X10044, WR30X10058, WR30X10061, WR30X10062, WR30X10063, WR30X10082, WR30X10087, WR30X138, WR30X147, WR30X148, WR30X159, WR30X169, WR30X199, WR30X203, WR30X213, WR30X214, WR30X217, WR30X238, WR30X241, WR30X259, WR30X282, WR30X282R, WR30X283, WR30X289, WR30X290, WR30X295, WR30X299, WR30X303, WR30X304, WR30X304R, WR30X307, WR30X310, WR30X315, WR30X318, WR30X320, WR30X325, WR30X327, WR30X328, WR30X329, WR30X331, WR30X0318,