Bypass my GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

If your GE refrigerator is not dispensing water or warning you that the filter needs to be replaced then we can help you resolve this issue. The new GE refrigerator with RPWFE water filters use an RFID chip that tells the fridge then the RPWFE filter expires, even if the filter has some life left. Here are your options…

1. Replace filter with the a new GE water filter

The easiest and quickest resolution is to simply replace your water filter with a new GE RPWFE Water filter. These filters have a small RFID chip that the other manufacturers cannot duplicate so this forces you to buy the GE RPWFE filters. This is rather unfortunate as they are quite expensive but it is the easiest and fastest way to get the water flowing again. If you don’t want to purchase the GE filters, keep reading as we have other options for you.

2. Use the GE refrigerator filter plug bypass

If you purchase this GE Plug Bypass then it will enable your refrigerator to continue dispensing unfiltered water indefinitely. The bypass plug includes the RFID chip that tells the refrigerator to ignore the filter expiration timer and just let the user know that this is unfiltered water.

This is a great option if you already have another water filter installed in your home such as a whole house water filter. We actually use a reverse osmosis water filter that we installed under our sink and send the water through our refrigerator so we don’t need the filter. So the filter plug worked perfectly for us.

3. Hack the RFID system and purchase less expensive filters

If you want to save some money then follow the instructions in this video below to remove the RFID chip from the filter bypass plug then tape it over the sensor in the refrigerator. You can then purchase these less expensive, 3rd-party water filters. Granted, the system will tell you that the water is “not filtering” since it thinks you are using the bypass plug but that isn’t any big deal, right?

Has this worked for you? Let us know below so we can help other GE fridge owners!

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Daniel Rooney

Anthony, thanks for posting the video, but I think I found the best fix. I have a GE side by side with the GE RPWFE filter. Moved in last year and immediately noticed low pressure/low flow from the water dispenser. Ice was ok. Checked all the normal stuff, the back hoses, no leaks, the water shutoff all good. Replaced the filter with brand new GE filter and within a day, same issue. Called GE and they sent me new one as well as a filter bypass cartridge. Tried the bypass cartridge first, and as expected, I had great flow. So… Read more »


Wow, thanks Daniel!!! I just did this and it worked like a charm!


I must be missing something here… you said: “But, the RPWFE has 2 tiny O-rings at the end. The filter bypass cartridge only has one. So I took the one near the tip off, installed, and Wallah!!” You’re saying that the REPLACEMENT RPWFE filter came WITHOUT the 2nd little o’ring right?


The two O-rings on the filter separate the inlet and outlet flows forcing the water to flow through the filter. The bypass has only one O-ring because water flows through the end connector only and there is no filter. If the O-ring is removed from the filter, the water takes the least path of resistance, flowing through the end connector instead of the filter. So no filtering is done if the O-ring is removed.

Manny M

Amazing, had the same problem. Removed the top O-ring and problem is gone. Thanks for the discovery! Saved untold senseless repairman costs and continued frustration.


Did you not tape that chip backwards onto the refrigerator? The gold/brass colored side would have been facing OUT from the side of the filter bypass, and facing INTO the fridge wall. The way you’ve installed it, the BACK of the chip is now facing the fridge wall.
Also, how did you get the chip off of the bypass plug?