Bypass GE RPWFE Refrigerator Filter

Is your GE refrigerator no longer dispensing water or warning you that the filter needs to be replaced? Unfortunately, the new GE refrigerators use an RFID chip on the filter that tells the fridge then the filter expires, even if the filter is fine. So, you have a few options to get it working again.

1. Replace filter with the recommended GE water filter

Of course, we always recommend using the recommended GE filters as listed below. As this is the simplest and quickest fix.

2. Use the GE refrigerator filter plug bypass

This GE “Plug Bypass” will replace the filter and allow unfiltered water to continue dispensing. It includes the RFID chip that tells the refrigerator to ignore the filter expiration timing and just let the user know that this is unfiltered water.

This is a great option if you already have another water filter installed in your home. We actually use an osmosis water filter under our sink and send the water through our refrigerator so we don’t need the filter so this works fine for us.

3. Hack the RFID system and purchase less expensive filters

If you want to save a few bucks then follow the instructions in this video below to remove the RFID chip from the filter bypass plug then tape it over the sensor in the refrigerator. You can then purchase the less expensive, 3rd party filters below. Granted, the system will tell you that the water is “not filtering” since it thinks you are using the bypass plug but that isn’t any big deal, right?

Has this worked for you? Let us know below so we can help other GE fridge owners!

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