GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Stopped Working

Unfortunately, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence among our users that GE refrigerators simply stop making ice one day.  Here are a few simple steps to get you back on track without needing to call a repair person.

  1.  Some GE refrigerators have a “test” button on the control panel or on the icemaker itself which will run a series of tests and “dump” any ice in the icemaker.  Give this a shot and see what happens.
  2. Then, ensure that nothing else has changed since it was making ice.  For instance, no changes to the refrigerator water line, kitchen plumbing, sink, etc..  It is important that the water line has sufficient water pressure for the ice maker.
  3. Next, consider changing the water filter if you haven’t done so in quite some time.  It is common that the filter gets clogged just enough to keep the water filter from receiving enough water pressure to fill the ice tray.
  4. If that doesn’t do it, you might want to simply replace the ice maker with this simple ice maker placement kit.  This seems to solve most of the ice maker issues, can be installed in about 15 minutes and costs about $60. This is much less expensive (and even easier) than having a repair person out to fix it.

Below is a great video demonstrating how easy it is to replace the ice maker.

Here is some feedback from users who have been happy with the ice maker replacement…

“Ice maker quit working after about 5-6 years. I ordered this ice maker and decided to tackle installation myself. I am a 50+years old and not very strong. My old ice maker popped out easily and new one in within 15-20 minutes. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

“My GE fridge stopped making Ice a while ago. I ordered one of these. The old ice maker came off easily.  Once installed I turned it on and it started making ice right away.  I honestly don’t know why I waited this long. Works great in my GE fridge.”

“After I made some adjustment to the water level, the new ice-maker has outperformed, even the original unit. If you need to replace your current ice-maker because it is faulty, try this one if it is one of the replacements for your model.”

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My GE fridge ice maker was not working for about a year until I recently decided to do something about it. After all, I paid for an icemaker on my refrigerator so I wanted it to work. I broke down and spent the $120, got the product, installed in about 20 minutes as I’m not that handy but it works perfectly. Well worth it to have my ice maker working again!


The green light on my GE side by side icemaker will not go on. I tried to reset but no green LED light. The ice try is dry there is no water in the icemaker but I can get a glass of water from the dispencer. Is there an electrical cord that is behind the icemaker that I can check on?


I have the same problem and installed a new ice maker and it still doesn’t work.

Lyncoln Mukesh Boodoo

same here, what was your outcome?


Chris this is exactly why I asked because do not want to order the peice and not work. Hope we can have some help on this board by an expert.

Joe Cortese

Did you ever get this issue fixed? I have the same problem. Green led will not come on. I tried another icemaker and control board. Still ng. I figure there is no voltage going to the icemaker. What will cause this?


I have problem with my GE refrigerator ice maker from day one.
my recommendation is do not buy this brand.


I have an Issue with my GE fridge as well. No green light on icemaker, dry inside. So far tried a new icemaker, didn’t work.
Had a tech come in and swap out the circuit board – still no green light or ice. This is quite frustrating. I’m open to ideas on how to get this issue resolved.