GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser not Working?

GSS25IRFR ge refrigerator

GE Refrigerator

Recently my water dispenser simply quit working on my General Electric side-by-side refrigerator. We’ve had the GE refrigerator for roughly 5 years and never had this issue.  The ice maker was still making ice so I knew it was still receiving water.  The  ice dispenser worked fine when tried to dispense water, I heard a click and the light came on so I assumed the electronics in the dispenser control panel were ok.

I spent several hours reading forums and testing various theories.  I eventually determined that the water line inside the door was frozen.  You see, the water line comes in from the wall to under the refrigerator and splits.  One line goes up to the ice maker.  The other coils around in a water line behind the vegetable tray to cool the water then out the back, under the refrigerator across the bottom of the front then up the inside left of the freezer door by the hinge.   Ultimately the insulation inside the door quits insulating the water line and it freezes near dispenser control panel.

So there you have it, your problem is likely a frozen water line.  Now how do you fix it?  Many users in the forums suggested replacing the door for $500 or adding their own insulation to the door.  Other users suggest temporary fixes such as threading a weed-eater trimmer line through the water line.  When the line freezes simple pull the trimmer line and clean it out.

Ultimately, I found a simple and inexpensive permanent solution.   GE apparently released a $30 part below, item WR49X10173, a water dispenser tube heater which easily connects to the dispenser control panel to heat the water line just enough to keep it from freezing. You can purchase it from Amazon below for $30. I’d suggest also replacing your water filter (also below) at the same time.


Have a question about your GE Water Dispenser Issue?  Let us know below and we will help!


  1. It’s amazing that the sleezy GE company would not admit to their problem and send this $30 fix to those with the problem and save hundreds of customers. I, for one, will NEVER purchase another GE product. I finally got rid of the piece of junk and bought a Whirlpool. No more problems whatsoever!

  2. The foam insulation in the door has gotten soaked from the water dispenser, which makes it not insulate as well, therefore the delayed and sporatic freezing issue. Notice the rust on the screws around the dispenser frame.
    Should have been a recall on that.

  3. How do you get at that frozen tube?

  4. I had this problem for the last few years -yes turning off the freezer with the door open for a few hours worked but is a royal pain in the neck. Using a hairdryer for 15 minutes does too, when it keeps freezing up agin every day. I also had a repairman install the GE kit to keep it from freezing – it worked for awhile, but then stopped working, and the water line again froze up. Looking at solutions around the Internet, the one that made the most sense suggested that there was insufficient insulation in the freezer door directly behind the water dispenser; i also noticed freezing air blowing directly there when the freezer was running. So I simply stuffed a cloth towel on the inside of the door where the ice comes through, and hanging down in front of the flat part behind the dispenser – and it did not freeze for several days. i then got a flat piece of insulating styrofoam, about 10inx11in, attached it by velcro to that flat part on the inside of the door, and have not had a problem since.

    • Thanks for suggestion. Please let me know what kind styrofoam did you used.

    • amber C

      I’m trying to picture where you are stuffing towels. If I open my freezer door and look at where the water comes out there is no place to stuff anything, unless I stuff the towel down the hole where the ice drops out. Gonna try buying the heater part. But your right sounds like its an poor insulation issue. we’ve had our fridge 3 years and it just started doing this. All the tips were helpful. thanks.

      • amber C

        Nevermind. I see what you were saying. You did stuff in the hole till you got the insulatioin piece put on the flat part inside of door just behind the water dispencer. Took me a mintute to figure it out. thanks so much. Works great!

  5. thanks phil. this seems to be the logical one is realizing the water dispenser is directly in front of the ice maker. I’m going to try this and if it works,(when it works), I’ll come back and thank you again. hopefully GE corrects the problem in future made refrigerators.

  6. I’m having trouble with the water Dispenser freezing up. Can you let me know anyone has gotten this problem fixed and what did they do. I call GE and they suggested some come out and take a look at the problem but I dont want to pay for it. Let me know what you have done that has worked.


  7. Its nice of GE to offer a $30 part and let you install it yourself to correct a defect with their appliance. Many people say that the heater may or may not correct the problem.

    GE, there are people having to insert weed wacker string, drill holes in the door and tape styrofoam to the inside of the door to fix this defect…. HELLO. You better start taking care of your customers. Once their gone, they won’t come back…

    I have found a permanent solution to GE appliance defects. Its a new Samsung or LG refrigerator. As the president of GE Appliance Division realizes he is the only one left to turn out the lights, maby Samsung will offer him a job in the mail room…

  8. I am also having a problem with our dispenser not working on my GE refrigerator, will no longer buy GE

    • boidsonly

      I too, have this freezing water line problem. There will NEVER be another GE product in my house.
      I will try the insulation trick on the inside of the door but am not betting the farm on it. Been without water for 10 days so far…

      • Take a 5 or 6 inch piece of solid copper 12 gauge electrical wire, remove the insulation. Hammer it flat and gently insert it into the dispensing tube until 1 inch is left visible. Then bend that one inch portion tightly up around the rear of the tube to prevent it from view and coming out. Since copper prohibits growth of bacteria it is safe. I had exact same problem you have and twice replaced heater kit to no avail. I discovered this remedy nearly two years ago and have had a problem again. I shared it with the local GE repairman who was pleased to get. Good luck

  9. definitely will never buy another GE fridge again. Both water dispenser and Ice maker have never been reliable over the last 8 years that we have owned the fridge. Constantly having to troubleshoot and repair parts. Any other mfg has got to be better than GE’s fridge…

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