High Pitched Whining or Whistling on GE Refrigerator?

GE Refrigerator Fan Motor

GE Refrigerator Fan Motor

A while back I started hearing a high-pitched “whine” or “whistle” from the rear of the GE refrigerator. Of course as any guy does, I let it go for a few months and hoped it would stop. It was somewhat intermittent so it’d go for a few hours then stop for a few days.

Finally, I decided to investigate so I unplugged, pulled the fridge out, unscrewed the back cover, cleaned the fan and coils in the back and pushed it back.  A few days later, it returned so I cleaned it all out again. A few days later it came back. Upon further investigation it appeared that the fan blades were rubbing against the outside housing. I adjusted but I couldn’t seem to get it lined up properly to keep it from happening long term.

So, I finally decided to flip the bill for a new $17 fan motor from amazon and see if that would fix it.  Sure enough, it took about 20 minutes to replace the fan motor and the whistling stopped, never to return.  You can purchase the $20 fan motor that worked for my GE refrigerator from amazon.

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I removed ice machine and covered the square hole with a piece of duck tape. No more whistling but no more ice as well. I can live with that,buy a couple of ice trays.

Sharon Poncher

thank you for this suggestion! my freezer is making eerie ghost like music – same repetitive high pitch notes – faint and my hard of hearing husband doesn’t notice but, I’m ready to scream!! Our ice maker stopped turning so replaced it and worked great for over one year. Then it stopped dispensing ice — so I added ice to the maker and that worked ok during hot August — now, nothing made or comes out! I can’t say exactly when the music started but, I will try the duct tape! and see what happens!


The whistling noise comes from the ice dispenser and there is frost inside freezer on my GE refrigerator.


Why did the fan motor fix the fan blade issue? What model number fridge did you have?


our GE addora refrigerator started blinking on the bottom of the door underneath. it has the freezer on the bottom. it only blinks when the doors are closed and you can see the light in the seam between the left door below the ice maker and the top edge of the freezer. the light is located on the bottom of the ice maker side door. shortly after closing the door, the ice maker makes a noise like the ice dispenser door is closing after getting ice even though you didnt get any, then it makes like a squeal / moan… Read more »