WR49X10173 – GE Water Dispenser Heater

If you are searching for the GE WR49X10173 part then you’ve probably determined that your water line is frozen on your GE refrigerator. This is a very common problem for GE side by side refrigerators. Typically your ice maker is still making ice and you’ll hear a “click” when activating the water dispenser.

This water line heater attaches to the water dispenser control panel in about 15 minutes. It keeps the line warm enough to keep it from freezing again. For $30 you can’t beat it! I also purchased a new water filter (below) as it had been about 5 years since I replaced it. Amazon has the best prices for both these parts.

Also, if you need help thawing the frozen line before you insert the heater, we recommend the water line buddy to shoot warm water up the frozen line.  Always good to get the XL version as you never know how far up the line is frozen.  

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P. R. Patel

I have had the problem with water not dispensing with our GE side-by-side refrigerator off and on for several months now. Sounds very much like what I have read on the web. Your solution seems to make a lot of sense but I am wondering where I can find out the procedure for installing the heater kit that you have described. I am not a handyman and need good instructions or should I just call GE and have them come and fix the problem? Thx.


I had the heater installed by a service tech, but the line still freezes.


I found the main reason for the line freezing is after dispensing ice the cover can stay cracked open allowing freezer air to blow over the dispenser. Be vigilant about ensuring it closes after getting ice. I installed the heater and did that and no more issues. Then ice dispenser was staying open occassionally – never noticed before looking.

Douglas Tomich

I installed the non-GE water heater, and my front panel (and refrigerator) no longer work. I crimped (sp?) it on the 2nd and 6th lines. Not sure what happened. I feel penny wise and pound foolish. Any one else have this happen (or just me)? 🙂

Daniel Barton

Did you ever find a solution? This just happened to me…


I am having issues with the water freezing in the water filter reservoir tank, which is located in the lower area of the refrigeration size, behind the pull out drawers (GE Monogram 42″) When the water freezes in the tank, it cracks the plastic tank. Any solution to fix this? The tanks are expensive to replace all the time.