Update – 3 Years After my GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Repair

It has been 4 years since I repaired my GE water line with the GE WR49X10173 Dispenser Water Tube Heater. It worked flawless for years until a few months ago it froze again so I popped off the cover to make sure it was still working. It was still heating so I used the hair dryer trick to heat the back of the water dispenser cover from inside the freezer then lowered the temp a bit and it worked.

So, if you have any GE refrigerator that isn’t dispensing water then purchase the GE WR49X10173 Dispenser Water Tube Heater and you’ll be back in business within minutes!

Tell us about your water dispenser repair success below!

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We had the same problem w/our GE fridge. We bought the dispenser water tube heater & it worked beautifully! But only for about two years. We bought another heater, thinking the first one had worn out. The water dispenser worked about a week, then froze again. We checked to make sure it was hooked up properly, but it still doesn’t prevent the line from freezing.

Patricia Koranda

The ice surrender tool from Amazon works great. Also try pushing crushed ice that also seems to help. I push it about once a week.