GE Refrigerator or Freezer Warm?

GE Refrigerator Control Board

GE Refrigerator Main Controller Board

If your GE refrigerator or freezer is suddenly warmer than it should be then you likely have an issue with the main controller board.

The controller board is the brain of the entire refrigerator.  Having issues with cooling? Controller board.  Buttons don’t work on the water dispenser?  Likely the controller board. The lights work but nothing else? You guessed it.

I know, it sounds scary but it isn’t really that bad.  Fortunately, you can pick up a new controller board from Amazon for around $130 and replace them yourself by just following the simple instructions or some youtube videos.



Take your time replacing this controller board and your fridge will be cooling as good as new!   Let us know if this worked for you (or not) in the comments below so we can help each other fix these annoying problems!

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