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Having issues with your GE Refrigerator not cooling properly?

GE Refrigerator or Freezer Warm?

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GE Refrigerator Control Board

GE Refrigerator Main Controller Board

If your GE refrigerator or freezer is suddenly warmer than it should be then you likely have an issue with the main controller board.

The controller board is the brain of the entire refrigerator.  Having issues with cooling? Controller board.  Buttons don’t work on the water dispenser?  Likely the controller board. The lights work but nothing else? You guessed it.

I know, it sounds scary but it isn’t really that bad.  Fortunately, you can pick up a new controller board from Amazon for around $130 and replace them yourself by just following the simple instructions or some youtube videos.



Take your time replacing this controller board and your fridge will be cooling as good as new!   Let us know if this worked for you (or not) in the comments below so we can help each other fix these annoying problems!

GE Refrigerator Quit Working – Not Cold?

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GE Refrigerator Quit Working

GE Refrigerator Main Controller Board

One morning I woke up and noticed my GE refrigerator quit working.  The power was on, the light in the refrigerator was on but neither the freezer nor the fridge was cold.   Sounds bad eh?  Call the refrigerator repairman? No!

This is actually quite common with GE refrigerators.  Some users find that the unit quit cooling altogether while others fine that just the refrigerator or freezer are no longer cold. This is almost always an issue with the main controller board which are essentially the “brains” of the refrigerator.

Other symptoms for the control board issue might include that it cools sometimes but not others while others hear a clicking, whistling or howling sound.  You might even see “HRS” flashing on the LCD panel if your refrigerator is equipped with one.

Apparently the main controller boards will quit working on GE refrigerators quite often. Of course you are welcome to calling an appliance repairman to fix it but it’ll probably cost $400-$500.  Or you can simply purchase this $125 main controller board from amazon and replace the old board in about 20 minutes.  This WR55X10942 board replaces the older refrigerator main boards, such as WR55X10552, WR55X10656, WR55X10335.

Here are a few examples of GE Refrigerator issues that were fixed with a new controller board:

“GE refrigerator quit working on a Sunday morning. Called for repair, earliest appointment was in 7 days. Went DIY. Ordered part from Amazon that Sunday night. Board arrived Monday evening! Fridge fixed 39 minutes later. Unbelievably fast shipping and it was a relative breeze to install.”

“My Ge Profile psi23scrbsv fridge completely quit working after multiple power outages over a few day period. Interior light was working but only other sign of life was ‘HRS” flashing on the display panel. Some searching seemed to indicate this could be the main control board. Instead of waiting several days for an expensive service visit, I decided to try this myself. Ordered and received in less than 24hrs, and only took about 30mins to uninstall old board and install the new one (plus time to move fridge around) Fridge immediately came back to life when plugged back in and was fully cooled to my set temperatures in about 16-18 hours.”

“Factory replacement board. Very easy to install. Please note that the buses on this board differ from those on the board that came installed on my ten-year old refrigerator. Despite the different location of the buses, installation is not difficult; just pay close attention to where you removed the plugs on the initial board.”

Let us know if this worked for you (or not) in the comments below so we can help each other fix these annoying issues!


GE Refrigerator Not Cooling?

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GE Refrigerator Control Board

GE Refrigerator Main Controller Board

The main controller board is the brains of the refrigerator so it can cause a number of issues if it is defective.

If your GE refrigerator is not cooling consistently but the lights inside work then it is likely a main controller board problem. Some customers complain that it’ll cool sporadically and some not at all. A few customers complain that their fridge cools but their freezer is no longer cold. Some  hear a clicking sound in the back but some don’t. Others say they hear a “howling” sound from the rear. If you have an LCD panel then you might see the letters “HRS” flashing on it.

It is common for main controller boards on GE refrigerators to fail which lead to a number of issues including the GE refrigerator no longer cooling properly. Calling a repairman to diagnose and fix the problem will likely cost $400-$500.  Fortunately, you can purchase the controller board from amazon for about $115 and swap it yourself in 20 minutes, even if you are not very handy. GE makes it easy to find the right part as most of the older refrigerator main boards, including WR55X10552, WR55X10656, WR55X10335 have all been replaced by the new and improve controller board, WR55X10942.

Here are a few examples of GE Refrigerator issues that were fixed with a new controller board:

“The light inside the freezer and fridge were working, but nothing else was. The water/ice dispenser, the digital displays, and the cooling system were not functional. It was like someone turned everything off except the inside lights. Bought this motherboard and was able to install it in a matter of minutes. It literally takes no understanding of electronics to do so.”

“A couple years ago things started going south on me; ice and water dispenser, freezer temperature, funky howling/whining noises… etc, all of which would come and go. Got to a point where the cycling of the compressor ”

“we started noticing temperature fluctuations in the freezer. At first it was minimal then gradually we started noticing large fluctuations. It would be 0 then a few hours later it would be 18. At the end I noticed it as high as 30’s. All this time the fridge part was staying pretty stable. I couldn’t afford to hire a technician to come out so I let it limp along. Eventually we started hearing clicking every few seconds/minutes. Last week it stopped cooling all together.”

Here is a great video on the replacement of the GE refrigerator control board.

Let us know if this worked for you (or not) in the comments below so we can help each other fix these annoying problems!