Is Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser Line Frozen?

Well, mine was! Apparently it is a fairly common problem for the water dispenser line in the GE side by side refrigerators to freeze. It seems there is an issue with the insulation inside the door taking on too much moisture so it doesn’t insulate the line well enough to keep it from freezing.

If you need to check if your line is frozen, simply remove the kick plate off the bottom of the fridge then unhook the water line just under the left door. Simply pull the two blue tabs apart to unhook the line. Place a cup under the line going towards the back of the refrigerator then activate the water dispenser. If water flows then the water line is frozen inside the door. Hook up the water line again and replace the kick plate.

To thaw your line, use a hair dryer on high heat pointed the water line and back (outside) of the water dispenser control panel for about 15 minutes. That thawed it for me but of course it’ll just freeze again.

Fortunately you can purchase a water line heater from amazon that installs in about 15 minutes and fixes the issue permanently. Sure beats paying $200 for a serviceman to do it!


  1. Warning! My wife’s hair dryer was so hot that the dispenser began to melt! We do have water now though :)

  2. Sharon Grisham

    Water dispenser stopped working. I changed the filter and it still did not work. After about 5 minutes water started pouring out of the bottom of the frig. on the floor. I opened the door and looked at the filter and the realized that the water was coming down from the top and through the vent with the fan behind the bottom crisper drawer. It looked like a fountain. After cleaning up that mess once again, I went online to see if anyone else is having this problem. I discovered that it might be a frozen line. I have not tried some of the suggestions, i.e. removing the bottom plate and removing the water line to see, in fact, if the line is frozen in the door. I will try this today. I would appreciate anyone’s comments or suggestions as to how this can be repaired. Thanks.

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