Is Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser Line Frozen?

This is a fairly common problem for the water dispenser line in the GE  and other side-by-side refrigerators to freeze. It seems there is an issue with the insulation inside the door taking on too much moisture so it doesn’t insulate the line well enough to keep it from freezing.

1 . Test to See if it’s Frozen

If you need to check if your line is frozen, simply remove the kick plate off the bottom of the fridge then unhook the water line just under the left door. Simply pull the two blue tabs apart to unhook the line. Place a cup under the line going towards the back of the refrigerator then activate the water dispenser. If water flows then the water line is frozen inside the door. Hook up the water line again and replace the kick plate.

2 . Thaw the Frozen Line

To thaw your line, use this handy the Water Line Buddy simply blow a hair dryer on high heat at the water line, water dispenser control panel and the back (outside) of the door near the water line for about 15 minutes. That thawed it for me but of course, it’ll just freeze again unless you fix the root cause.

3 . Fix the Root Cause

We purchased the water line heater from amazon that installs in about 15 minutes and fixes the issue permanently. Basically, it just clips in the electrical wiring of the control panel then runs a couple of wires up into the water line to keep it from freezing.  Ok, a bit of a hack but it sure beats paying $200 for a serviceman to do it!

If this doesn’t fix the issue for you then you might consider replacing the water filter or water valve as both of those can slow or stop flow from the water dispenser.

Let us know below if this worked for you (or not) so we can all help each other fix these annoying refrigerator issues!

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15 mins worked perfectly! Thanks for the help!


have GE sided by side and the water outlet freezes up, I shut the temperature down overnight and then get water, but when I turn the temperature back to normal it freezes again. Just started happening, I used to thaw out with hair dryer, but now that it keeps happening, not sure what to do???


Rick – you’ll want to purchase this water dispenser line heater. Worked on mine for many years without freezing again –

Ty Austin

Looks like a pain in the ass to install

Tom Sessums

Yeah, like if you don’t want to become a handyman and do a big hardware chore, like work, then don’t by a GE brand refrigerator with water dispenser. They know they have a problem, but do they install the line heater in their new units or have they done a recall to install them in those that people already paid a thousand whatever for? No, but they should. People who bought an automatic dispenser and automatic ice maker weren’t paying for that so they could repeatedly do hardware chores. If they liked that then maybe they’d be making their own… Read more »


New to the discussion here, hello! I had the same problems, hair dryer, leave the door open to thaw. Then I got to the in line heater and VOILA it worked .. for a month and now I’m back to square one! Any further ideas??


Thanks so much for this discussion. Same GE fridge & same problem. Fixed!

hugh spiegel

I have an lg with a frozen ice maker line. I tried the hair dryer to no avail. any ideas


My husband could fix it himself, but i heard this fix can melt the housing and damage the housing on some models. Seems you can’t win. A piece of junk! GE will not help you. They want to send a tech out at your expense to verify it’s frozen. I will never buy GE anything again! If you fix it and there is water or fire damage, your homeowner’s insurance might not cover you.


Yes, it did melt the housing so much out of shape that the switch would not work and water would not turn off. Took it all apart to see how to replace switch and could not believe how misshapen the housing was. Had to buy a new housing and switch, although not sure the switch was bad since the trigger mechanism was not lined up to work properly. My advise, don’t FIX. With a hair dryer!


Charles Another problem is door flapper spring for the ice breaks flapper stays half open letting air in so people turn thermostat way down freezing the water line.


I have a GE cafe refrigerator which also freezes up. I just remove the drawer from the regrigerator and soak a dishtowel in boiling water. Wring it out and wrap it around the frozen water coil for a few minutes until the ice melts. It’s low tech, but it works!


This GE refrigerator is the WORST refrigerator I have ever owned. Ice maker auger broke, ice maker broke, water dispenser freezes up, evaporator fan makes noise when running. Engineering fail 100%.


I’ve replaced the auger, the brackets that hold the tray and now the mechanism that trips the ice and water dispenser because when I unthawed it with a hair dryer, it melted the plastic. You’re right , this GE refrig. is junk.


I used a water pick (the teeth cleaning tyoe) with hot water. Just squirt up the line. 20 seconds


Genius! Hair dryer wasn’t working but we saw your comment about the water pick and it worked! Thanks for the tip!


That sounds like a winner to me. Good idea!


Brilliant! Worked perfectly… just disconnect the hose at the bottom of the door, jam the water pick up inside the dispenser up top, and run it for about 30-60 seconds and the water started flowing right out the bottom of the tube.

Sherry Bennett

Where do you squirt the water? Where is the exact spot?


Try raising the temperature in the freezer section one or two degrees and the same in the refrig box. I did this and several hours later water started flowing. The freezer is now set at plus one degree and the frig box is at 39 degrees. Prior to the temp setting rise we were at -1 degree freezer and + 37 frig section

Larry Moncivais

Great suggestion. Thanks for the tip this worked. Didn’t want to wait a few hours so added by spraying some hot water up the dispenser line. Two squirt is all it took.


I had this problem, first turned off refrigerator, opened freezer door, put a blanket covering the freezer so the stuff inside would still be cold, after 30 mins turned on fridge and the water now is running. To avoid this happening again I put cardboard in the freezer door compartments against the door and I haven’t had a problem since.

Maureen Cohen

Shouldn’t this be GEs problem and not ours? Why aren’t they reaching out to us to fix this problem? GE, have some integrity!

Billy Showers

They don’t care. They have had this problem for 14+ years and they keep making the damn junk. And that is what it is ….JUNK.

Tom Sessums

No kidding; like do a recall or offer people a free water line heater install so that their product will work as promise rather than just repeatedly freezing up and not working at all.

Greg Femrite

I found that keeping coil clean on back of fridge stopped all freezing, it’s 2 screws and a shop vac, really just regular maintenance.


The coil in the back is the condenser coil. Seems like a dirty condenser would raise the temperature of the evaporator coil….not lower it.

Marty Levinson

Instructions for installing the WR49X10173 seems not to be applicable.
Question: The 6 prong plug in our refrigerator is as follows-Black-Red-Blue-X-X-White. The HOT wire is the BLUE wire.
Which two wire should I use to make the connection?
The “Blue and Black” or the “Blue and Red”?

Is the WR49X10173 (It Fits the Refrigerator Perfectly) the incorrect part and if not what is the correct part No#.

I my research about this issue I have found it’s a common design flaw with GE refrigerators.


I found an inexpensive solution that has been working for me for 6 weeks now. The water line is freezing just behind the dispenser. – I purchased an 8 inch by 10 inch white mailing envelope, the kind that has bubble wrap on the inside and is made of flexible plastic. -I also went to Lowes and purchases some 1/4 inch felt insulation / pipe wrap and cut 3 – 10 inch strips and put them inside the envelope. -Using a hair dryer I put constant heat in the area behind the water dispenser (freezer side) all the way down… Read more »


Easy 30 second fix for a frozen GE water dispenser line. Literally just did it. Water bottle filled with hot water set to stream. Just squirt it up the dispenser end for about 30 seconds and you should hear pressure in the line release. The dispenser should now work. No tools, no hairdryer, no fuss. Insulating the back of the door sounds like a good fix too. Also make sure not to overfill the freezer in front of the dispenser panel so air can circulate to defrost the freezer. Aaaaaaand don’t buy GE?



Thanks, just tried your method and it worked!! Yay!!


Also tried this method & it WORKED!!! yay! Thank you!!!!


Worked for me, too! Thank you!


Spraying hot water into the dispenser line worked great! Unclogged the frozen line in less than a minute! Great suggestion!


Where is the despincer line located

Jonathan B

Thank you so much for that! If I could pay you for the advice I would! That did the trick! THANK YOU!


Nice trick. Worked for me as well. I’ve never had mine freeze before but after this I realized I had bags of vegetables on the top shelf. and probably were against the dispenser panel. Will keep space between the freezer items and the dispenser panel. Should do the trick.


Squirting hot water up the dispenser worked! Thank you so much!!


This made the most sense to me… tried it and worked perfect.. I too had stuff blocking airflow….I love google


Just used the water bottle trick and it worked! I’ve had luck with blow dryer before but not this time. Water bottle so much easier! Thank you!!!


Genius! I used a small squirt bottle filled with warm water and thawed out the dispenser line. Took about 3 squirts. I will use the mailing envelope trick on the inside of the door .


Thanks, Gary. What a great idea. That worked perfectly!


Yeah that works…in fact the “water line buddy” on Amazon is a handy kit for just this purpose. I have increased the freezer temp to 4 degrees F and it *still* freezes. Will never buy another GE refrigerator. 100% engineering fail.


5 years later, it’s 2022 and your trick is still working! Awesome idea and thanks again!

Craig Gillis

Thank you for the tip! I did the same thing with a bubble wrap mailing envelope with insulation inside. Used velcro to attach it to the inside door panel. Works great!


Where exactly are you placing this bubble wrap insulation? Do I have to remove the interior freezer door panel? Or just stick it in one of the storage trays?


Thanks for an easy solution! Spent $95 to have a service person come out to look at the dispenser and they wanted another $250 to fix it by installing a heater. As you said I did it in about 20 minutes PS the service person said to unload the freezer and refrigerator unplugged And let it sit for 24 hours so that everything would defrost what a waste of time.

Jonathan Gay

me too Black-Red-Blue-X-X-White but no warm at all.

Jim in NC

GE PSS26NGPA refrigerator DOES make ice but no WATER in the door dispenser. Removed connector at bottom of freezer door and activated for water to flow. Water DID come from the supply side of then tube. Is line frozen in the door, and if so, how to thaw that line. Replace filter light just came on due to time, but can’t replace filter ’til I can get water thru the line to the water dispenser.


Water flows from the connector at the bottom. I bought the GE heated line from Amozon . Now where dose it go and how do I put it on?
Give me video if possible.
Thanks Dianna


It should come with instructions. It is very simple as one part connects to the light and the wire is pushed up in the water line. But you will need to defrost the line if it is frozen.


It’s frozen inside the freezer.

Jim in NC

Is the GE WR49X10173 Water Dispenser Tube Heater a practical fix to frozen water line?


I have had my freezer door open for over an hour and using a blowdryer for 15 minutes and still no water. How long should it take to thaw?


Increase the temperature on yor freezer above -1. I had the heater installed a year ago and recently the line is freezing again. Once I did this I have had no problems.


Everything was thawing so I unloaded the freezer to the back up. left the door open for a while longer and it finally thawed. Now I guess I need that heater.

Kimberly Cruz

I am having to replace the water tanks (the previous one froze)in my GE side by side with bottom freezer. I cannot find anything to help me figure out exactly how to install it…. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Palagy

can someone tell me EXACTLY where to point the hairdryer? I’ve used a strong one and a heat gun and have seen sites saying up and down edge of open door and right behind the panel. I put in weed wacker line and it can go in about 1 foot before getting stopped so it’s either right behind the panel or somewhere lower. I’ve set the freezer temp on “2” – it can only go “1” to “9”. Very frustrating…have tested behind fridge and water supply is fine and gets to ice maker AND I”ve replaced the valve at bottom… Read more »

John Earl


Our GE side by side water line froze up 3 or 4 times about 1 1/2 years ago. I got the heater kit and installed it then. Problem solved……..NOT. It is currently frozen again and has been for about a week and has been frozen up a couple of other times.

I’m going for the blow dryer trick tomorrow morning. Which seems ridiculous since I have the heater kit already installed !??


grab some weedwhacker line and shove it up there after you get it thawed. About 2 feet. If it freezes, grab the tip of the line with a plyers and pull to open it up, then push the line back in so just the tip is sticking out for the next time. Gotta make sure that the food is not packed in on that upper shelve where the air blows out.

james paine

Hi, apparently my water line is frozen on my GE Monogram side by side re fridge.
I am having no luck with the hair dryer. I temporarily turned my freezer temp. way down to try and thaw the line.
I want to purchase the GE WR49X10173 Water Dispenser Tube Heater on Amazon but can’t seem to find out if it will work on my model. I have model ZISW36DCA.
Also, does the heater come with instructions? Thanks for any help.


James – I believe it will work on the ZISW36DCA. It is really just a couple wires that attach to the light electrical so nothing complex but it does come with instructions. If it doesn’t work, just send it back to amazon and they will give you a refund.



hi i have a hotpoint frig. water line keeps freezing. i have thawed it out like 4 times this week… anyone one know if that heater works for hotpoint side by side frig… or what kind of insulation i should put on the inside door of the freezer..? or any other solution. this is a really good frig and don’t want to get a new one just because of this problem


People please read the full info on those heaters, it states that it will not thaw out the frozen line, it will only work on the water spout tip, do not waste your money


We have only had our GE refrigerator for a few years.But now that water line is frozen 2 to 3 times a week! Very frustrating! We like to use this feature on or frig.We got so tired of taking everything out of it & putting it in our other freezer.So we leave the door open & block the freezer with pieces of ceiling tile.Should not have to do this with a refrigerator that is only a few years old! Wil never buy another GE!


I agree..our ge profile is only 16 mths old and water is freezing in dispenser every couple of days now only to find its not coverred on warranty…this will be my last ge appliance.


I have a GE gsh….. side by side model where the water dispenser line kept freezing up. I purchased and installed the GE WR49X10173 Dispenser Water Tube Heater Kit. It has worked flawlessly for several days now. It worked so well, I installed the same kit on my relative’s GE refrigerator (same model) and it works well.


I have same problem with our side by side…..not to mention ice maker does not dispense cubes only crushed, three of the plastic shelf brackets broke……………. will never by a GE product again……….its junk


Steve – unfortunately it isn’t just GE. I was doing some searches on amazon and noticed that the replacement drawers and shelves on all the units are some of the top selling parts for appliances. Looks like they’ve all started using cheaper plastic –

Here is a link to a video installing the heater kit on a GE side by side. it works great.

Carol Stieler

I have the same problem. My water line keeps freezing up. The repair guy put the heater on it but it only thaws it for a couple days and then it freezes up again. Before all this, I used to use a blow dryer on it and keep a weed eater line up in it. I melted the housing with the blow dryer the 3rd time I did it, so be careful if you do that. Don’t put the blow dryer on the hottest setting. We are now going to unplug the refrigerator for 24 hours and let the entire… Read more »


Strange that the refrigerator water line heater didn’t fix it. Are you certain it is installed correctly? Maybe try reducing (raising) the temperature setting on the freezer to see if that might help. C.


Whirlpool just as bad. I think they are owned by GE.


We’re in the same situation as many of you with our Hotpoint side-by-side refrigerator. Everything works well except the water line freezes up. It makes sense to me that we should be able to open the body of the freezer door and replace the tubing with an insulated tube. Unfortunately, I am not aware if there is any such thing. Standing there with the blow dryer is getting old!


This water line heater worked for me. I had to use the hair dryer trick to get it thawed out first. Once the heater line was installed I didn’t have any issues and it has been a couple weeks.


Once it’s thawed put 6″ of thin copper wire in the spout with 1/2″ sticking out. It acts as a heat sink.


where do you point the hair dryer

david clarkson

Deicer then flush REALLY good takes just mintes.


Explain the steps please, mine is frozen solid. Inside the freezer not the door. It’s a Frigidaire just a few years old. It makes ice no water.


How do you flush the line?


Mine has been frozen for years! I tried the heat gun, sticking random things down the tube, etc, and nothing has ever been able to clear it. It’s a Frigidaire, so perhaps that is what kept me off of this site until tonight, when I decided to take to door off to try to tackle it. I duct taped thick plastic over the freezer opening, which actually worked really well and set the door in front of the warm air coming out of my dehumidifier. The fridge is downstairs in my basement, so while I have missed the water, it… Read more »


My GE side by side was freezing up the water dispenser every few days in spite of having installed the heater add-on, raising the freezer temp as far as it would go and numerous hair dryer thawings. Our humidity is very high here…almost always over 70%. I figured the insulation behind the water line had become frozen solid with condensation and it froze the water line almost as soon as I thawed it. Then I found on-line a suggestion to glue a piece of 1″ styrofoam over the area behind the dispenser so I cut a roughly 12″ x 12″… Read more »

Randy Edmunds

Chilling the water line and re-heating it is a waste of electricity, plus you have to by the heater. A simpler and cheaper solution is to tape some bubble wrap inside your freezer door to add some insulation from the cold air blowing on the door. My water line hasn’t frozen since I added it. Here’s a pic:

Note: I found this solution in a Youtube video, but can’t find original post to give credit.


Randy my GE refrigerator has been freezing for years. I used a plastic tie in the door tube so I could get a grip to pull and it was working for awhile until it froze up with the plastic inside and I cannot get it to come out or move at all. I had insulated the inside of the freezer with cellophane packing envelope taped to the inside of the door and it worked for a long time. I moved the frozen food in the freezer away from the door. But here we are again. I called GE to see… Read more »


This issue is so well known and so well documented why do WE have to try all these after-market Rube Goldberg “fixes”? Why doesn’t GE fix all of these themselves? I spent $2,000 for a refrigerator that works, not one that comes with a do-it-yourself fix-it kit. Now GE is trying to walk away by selling the company to Chinese company. GE addressed this issue the same way Ford addressed the Pinto.
There should be a class action suit started by some enterprising attorney.


I totally agree!! My brand new GE WORKED ALL OF 5 hours before it froze up! Then it busted the water filter! GE sent me a new water filter that took 7 to 10 day ….and they sent the wrong one!! Do they sent us another one,,,,7 to 10 days later we got it. Put it in and that night it froze up again! Now they are sending a repairman out! Why should we put up with this!!!?

Mel Sharples

You can also use a skinny straw and pour the hot water into it and blow it up into the tube or just use hot air. A combo of these two worked for me and the tube has remained open/not frozen over the last 18 hours. Statistically not a proven concept but if others use this technique and it works we can validate the effectiveness. I hope to not have to do it but will use it if/when my lines freeze up again.


Thanks, Mel. Very innovative idea to get the line unfrozen. You’ll likely need to raise the temp in the freezer slightly or purchase the line heater long term. I believe the insulation in the door breaks down in these units so they can’t keep the line from freezing.



I would like to point out that the freezer line heater is not a permanent fix. The life of these in-line resistors is usually on the ~6 months to a couple years because the control lines they tie into are always on . . . just the nature of resistive heat. The housing that surrounds the water line is, in many cases, inadequate. Adding more insulation (applying bubble wrap, foam, etc), then covering it with a relatively gas impermeable material (tape, plastic, paint) to reduce airflow on the insulation should also reduce heat transfer, thereby keeping the water line warmer… Read more »


Where is the line located?


The warm water straw worked instantly. Thank you SO much! Genius!


The warm water straw did the trick almost instantly. I think the spray bottle would have worked buit it was hard to position it. Use a stra with a bend near the top.


Unplug and defrost fridge. Clean cover on back of fridge. Remove cover and check fan motor for dust. Used vacuum to clean fan motor housing. Replace cover plug back in and the water works and is still working a week later.

Skip Frank

Heat gun (no hair dryer here) to the inside of door panel worked like a charm. After waiting a few minutes, I tried the dispenser and it spit out a small bit of ice…. followed by a strong stream of water. Glad to have found this conversation site!

Skip Frank

Also, out ice bucket was way overloaded, and our top “quick freeze” shelf was crowded with items blocking the vents in the back. I saw both of these issues discussed, and are good points to keep in mind.


How do you figure out where your line is frozen? I don’t want to buy a water line heater unless I’m sure the line is frozen right by the spout!


You might try and fish a trimmer line or some other type of stiff wire up the line and see how far it goes before hitting the ice. Chances are, it is just a few inches up the line as that seems to be where the insulation breaks down around the water line.


Where is the water line located?

Dr. Phil

my water dispenser stopped dispensing and I found that the water tube going to the dispenser was frozen. Yours may be too. To verify this do the following (after ensuring that you have water pressure from the tube at floor level) by: 1) pushing a flexible strip of wire up the dispenser tube until it would not advance any further. and pulling it out after letting it sit up there for about 30 seconds. Check the temperature of the wire immediately after pulling it out. If it is very cold, it was in contact with ICE. 2) once you know… Read more »

Dr. Phil

1) The cause of my frozen line was the dispenser door flap was not closing fully, thereby allowing freezing air out of the freezer and down onto the water line. 2) The reason the door was not closing fully was ice chips /”snow”buildup got stuck around the mating surface of the flap. 3) This only happened after my children discovered the CRUSHED ice feature and started using the CRUSHED feature every half hour. 4) Explained and demonstrated this problem to the kids who now understand and vow not to use the CRUSHED ice feature ever again. They are happy with… Read more »

Mike Lewis

Did you ever come up with a fix for item#7. Plastic panel perforation. I thought one could buy a new plastic overlay, but no luck there. Suggestions?


I flushed hot water into the dispenser with a turkey injector. Then used a hair dryer to the inside of the freezer door to remove all moisture and taped the lid of a styrofoam cooler to the inside of the freezer door behind the dispenser. It has not frozen again since. ?


Can you describe where that water line is located?

Erik W

I tried forcing hot water into the dispenser tube with no success, just a mess, but isopropyl alcohol (like from your medicine cabinet) worked almost instantly. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a deicing agent in aviation and other applications and is safe for food surfaces as well.


Where did you put it?


Just wanted to say thank you. The hair dryer trick worked. I worked the dryer on the inside of my freezer door, behind the dispenser if that helps.


Thx for post. I turned down temp on freezer and blew hot water up water dispenser line. In 30 min water was dripping. I was about to use straw and hair dryer, but didn’t need to.


have had the same issue. It may sound weird but I fed about 18 inches of weed wacker line up the dispenser so that only a little bit sticks out. You don’t even notice it. Now when it freezes which it still does, you just move the line up and down a couple of times and that takes care of the frozen water. Its a no cost fix until you want to buy a new fridge.

Ps Obviously use a new thread of weed wacker line and wash it before you install.

Barbara A Valle

I tried that, the line is frozen solid, won’t budge. : (


I used a plastic tie so I would have a little handle at the end to hold onto. It froze up too and I could not move it or pull it out. Had to resort to a candle in the door for 1/2 hour and the hair dryer. Finally freed it up.


Do not buy the heater do not buy anything take a Dremel and cut a door centered behind the dispenser only one and a half inches wide 5 in deep down tall remove the plastic take a spoon carve out the phone when you get to the plastic vinyl tube unscrew the spout remove it shove the plastic tube through the hole take a 1/8 drill drill 10 holes through to the other side tape duct tape the tube to the wall shoving the tube through the hole without the dispenser tube keep door warm Phil cavity between duct tape… Read more »


The hair dryer will work, but the freezing water line will happen again-and-again. Just put a 2″ thick 10″ square piece of Styrofoam on the door inside using tape doubled back on itself. Works perfect, & the freezing will never happen again. Easy fix. Ours is a GE refrigerator. ” Rog in Lake Wales, FL. “

B. Mortin

There are some good hacks here.. I learned about squirting the hot water up the frozen waterline…will try that .. I have been filling my freezer opening with pillows pushing the freezer door as closed as I can get it to hold them in , propping a chair to hold that position. This works if you leave it like that for about 30 -45 mins or sometimes a bit longer. But I like the idea about insulating the back of that white plastic sloped section. I’ve been messing with this poor design feature for about 4 years now, so I’ve… Read more »


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear the information on this site helped.


Can you tell me where the water line is located?


I stuck a sheet of rubber insulation to the inside where the dispenser is. Did the trick.


Is the dispenser in the back of the fridge?


Here’s what worked for me. I got the idea from the water bottle trick.

I heated up a small cup of water, near boiling in the microwave (a kettle would work).

I sucked up a drinking straw full of the hot water and blew it into the dispenser hose. Worked a treat.

Be careful not to burn your mouth with the water.


Why buy a refrigerator that was designed by the same company that designed Fukishima?


Quick fix for constantly frozen water line.. (after de freezing the line) Drill a small hole in the back area just below the ice dispencer. Use a can of expanding foam shoot it slowly into the hole. Insulates the inside compartment and around the tube. let the foam expand and come out the hole. Once dry trim off the stuff coming out of the hole. No more freeze ups.


Is this remedy still working for you? Has it frozen since?

Bridget McGowan

We used to defrost it every night with the hair dryer. Finally we duct taped a piece of foam siding on the panel inside the freezer. Hasn’t frozen since!!


We used to defrost it every night with the hair dryer. Finally we duct taped a piece of foam siding on the panel inside the freezer. Hasn’t frozen since!!

Joe Groothopusen

This is the only good and permanent fix. Our fresh water line had been freezing up every week or even few days on or Sears side by side. I used a couple of pieces of 1/2 inch Tuff-R insulation. cut it carefully and neatly to cover about a foot of the inside of the freezer door from the dispenser down into the storage shelf under the water and cube dispenser area. Had to slit it in a few places so that it would flex to fit neatly to the inside of the door in that area. Then I used white… Read more »


My Kenmore water line froze up 3 days ago. I found these tips while googling for an answer. Decided to raise the temp in freezer from zero to 5f before I tried anything else. Took 3 days, but it’s fine now.


Mine arrived this afternoon and I had water flowing within just a few minutes! Thank you!